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Yayyyy!!!! I have accomplished my first face scrub and it contains oatmeal and brown sugar. I’ve been told it smells like an oatmeal cookie.

Talk about excited.My parents blessed me with such amazing skin….hahaha. I have combination skin, that means my T-zone is oily and the rest of my face is dry.

This scrub is amazing. I use it every night after I cleanse with the aloe, turmeric soap. My skin feels so soft after and I don’t even need to moisturize. That’s the best part. As a mom of 3 the less beauty steps that gives awesome results is what its all about for me. Once you rinse your face will feel extremely oily but when you pat your face dry you’ll feel amazing.

Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, Natural Grape seed Oil, Cinnamon, Vit E, Vegetable Glycerin, Raw Honey, Organic Cane Sugar, Dark Brown Sugar and OATMEAL….

Small Net wt 4 ounces

Large Net wt 8 ounces

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Weight 8 oz

13 reviews for Oatmeal Face Scrub

  1. Keisha R.

    Im a new customer, i got my first delivery a few days ago and i love it ! My friend Vana told me about this & i fell in lovee. It smells like baked cookies. I also got the bergamot lippy scrub which was good too. I recieved a sample of her brighten me up facial soap and I LOVED it. I will definitley be shopping again . Lastly, i want to mention the note that was hand written on my order. It was very cute & made my day.

  2. Nevana T. Sadhoo

    Can’t start describing how much I love this scrub !!! It literally does magic on your face. I have spent so much money on high end products and nothing has excited me and worked as good as this scrub. It leaves your face moisturized to the point where you do not need to use your moisturizer after. Your face feels like a baby’s foot bottom, so soft and smooth. Its tastes and smells great lolz and exfoliates amazingly. I usually use it 2-3 times a week. This product has to be a must in you skin care routine. You would’nt regret it and you’ll keep restocking !!! My #1 favourite product of hers. I am addicted and obsessed with it.

  3. Kimberly Jesram (verified owner)

    Loved this! Seriously worked for my sensitive skin! Ordered again for myself and my sister!

  4. Patricia D

    I’m so in love with this oatmeal scrub, I use it almost every night b4 bed, it leaves my face feeling so soft and smooth, and to top it off it smells so delicious!!!!!

  5. Jennifer

    When I first got it, I thought it would be just one of those scrubs you buy in the store.. Boy was I wrong.. This baby is so moisturizing with its oils. As I used it, I felt the oats working and the oils leaving my skin so soft and smooth. I love it!! I need to restock before summer comes. I literally told my husband he could have all of my store bought products cause this My go to now. ❤️

  6. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Let’s start by saying, this has been by far the best product I’ve used on my face that actually works. With its oats and oils, it works so good. Leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. I literally told my husband he could have all of my other store bought products.

  7. jsharee98

    This scrub is AMAZING! I will always purchase this with every order I make with Diana! It helps with dryness during the winter, and it’s also a moisturizer. 2-1! This scrub has my face feeling soft and smooth after every use! I love that Diana finally brought back a bigger size as well!

  8. srambara (verified owner)

    I use this every day! It leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft. I don’t even have to moisturize after.

  9. JMag (verified owner)

    My daughter and I use this daily with Acne’s Worst Enemy Bar and our faces have cleared up and feel so smooth. We absolutely love this scrub! We won’t use anything else on our faces now.

  10. jrenee0612 (verified owner)

    I purchased a small jar of this product 2 1/2 weeks ago and fell in love with the way it made my skin feel on the first usage. I could instantly feel my skin getting softer while applying and I also love the smell. I use once in the morning after washing with the Acne’s Worst Nightmare bar and then again in the evening. I have now ordered the large jar and should have it today! This is a must have!

  11. apersaud05 (verified owner)

    I have combination skin and the scrub helps even that out and leaves me feeling moisturized without the oil. I would purchase again and again.

  12. Mariam K. (verified owner)

    This face scrub is everything!!! Both my daughter and I have been using it and the amazing feeling of how smooth and soft both of our faces feel is unbelievable. Very satisfied and highly recommend.

  13. Sherita (verified owner)

    This scrub is the best I have ever used. I don’t use it on a daily basis but when I do, I love it! The smell is delicious! Reminds me of my favorite oatmeal cookies..yummm..
    Skin always felt smooth, clean, moisturized and baby soft. Not much is needed when using. Definitely reccomend!

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