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This is my second order

This is my second order now from diana’s candles and I love these soaps! In my first batch I got acnes worst enemy and it really helps keep my acne under control. I wanted to try the brighten me up soap so badly but she was all sold out..but this time I got it!! I cant wait to see what this does!! My favorite thing about diana’s candles is the hand written note in each delivery! Honestly, that is what will keep me coming back as a forever customer…besides the amazing soaps! I have gotten a few other soaps and they all smell and my my skin feel wonderful!!!

Natasha s.

I’ve never left a review

I’ve never left a review before but man I can’t begin to say how much my skin has gotten better with your products. I’ve had a bad transition from hot to cold since I’ve lived in Guyana for most of my life. Since I’ve moved here in 2017 my skin dried out so much, no matter what I used. It was mostly my legs from my knees down & it got so bad because I would itch it in my sleep & wake up with bruises that later become black marks that were dry & flaky & it was just a cycle of this over & over until I just stopped wearing anything that I would have to show my legs. I first started using your lotion & the oatmeal soap bar which both helped but it was still itching when I shaved & I had to constantly reapply the lotion. I then got the winter candy body butter & OMG! My legs are almost clear after one jar & I use it twice daily. I wish I had a before picture. I also use the acne’s worst enemy, the coffee lover, the brighten my up bars, the oatmeal scrub & your face oils. Your candles are also great. Thank you for putting so much love & effort into your product. My skin is happy & I feel so much more confident. 💕

Ravina Singh

Better than anything in stores!!!

Better than anything in stores!
I’ve ordered from Diana several times because her products are just that good. I’ve suffered from acne since my teenage years and used prescriptions from dermatologists for a long time, until I noticed they just stopped working and started to dry my skin out. I look the leap and started to use Diana’s acne’s worst enemy facial bar, brighten me up facial bar and the oatmeal face scrub. I used these products religiously for two weeks and the texture of my skin changed soooo much that I became more confident going out with no makeup on. Up to this day her products are the only thing that works great for my skin. The next few things I purchased from Diana were her candles and wax melts. Let me just say, these products are so much better than anything in stores. Her candles and wax melts can make an entire room or house smell so heavenly for days and even months. Just one or two pieces of the wax melts can last as long as a month, depending on how often a person uses it. I can guarantee you that you will surely not regret purchasing her products!

Ashmini J.

The first time I used

The first time I used the products I was amazed by how my skin felt. It took about five days for my face to clear up with acne and spots. I cannot thank Diana enough for introducing me to her products. They have done wonders for my skin. I recommend her products to anyone. Thank you so much Diana.

Mallika Balgobin