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About Us

Hi All,

My business Diana’s Candles & Soaps is based in Waterbury, Connecticut where I have three wonderful kids and when I’m not running crazy behind them I make phenomenal products like soy candles, bath bombs, soaps and scrubs.


I have an absolute love for candles, I use them year round. After my third was born she started experiencing respiratory issues at nine months old. Thank god they were not life threatening but it was still difficult as a mother to see my child going through these issues. My husband has always suffered from Asthma some seasons are worse than others. After a lot of research and doctors visits, I realized that my store bought candles were contributing to there health issues.

I could have kicked myself for not learning this technique earlier. The scents were so pleasant and they didn’t irritate my daughter’s respiratory issues or my husband’s asthma. My family and friends started requesting candles from me and before I knew it I was making batch after batch. I decided to sell them at affordable prices because everyone deserves to have good quality products for a reasonable cost.